How sensor technology plays an important part in agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industry.

In the Food Industries

sensors can play a part in the detection and determination of contaminants during the food manufacturing processes. Electronic Food Sensors can also help food manufacturers keep chamical consistency within their products, and detect the inclusion of unwanted substances such as nuts and other considered substances that cause allergic reactions. Other hygiene sensors can be used to detect bacteria levels.

Atex sensors

In Farming

In modern farming sensor technology can play a vital part in increasing crop yield per square metre. One example of use of sensors in farming such as ph sensors to provide monitoring nutrient levels and PH levels in the soil. pH sensors can monitor and provide feedback on any soil nutrient deficiencies and the presence of unwanted chemicals. Sensors can also be used to measure humidity in the air and water moisture levels in the soil. Other such sensors can include temperature sensors and GPS sensors can also be used

In the Pharmaceutical.

Temperature sensors are used extensively in the  pharmaceutical industry along with sensors used for detecting substances and sensors for monitoring electrical systems.

These sensors are essential where chemical processing and separation takes place.

We provide a wide range of Sensors that can be used within the food and pharma industries. All out sensors are Atex approved and can provide monitoring solutions for explosive prone areas.

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