Atex LED Strip Lights (Work Lights)


Atex Global Ltd. offers extensive line of Atex Certified LED strip lights. We recognise that trusted and explosion proof tested equipment is a priority for businesses we supply our lighting solutions to. Our LED lights are Atex certified for zones 1, 2, 21, 22. This makes our specialised website a preferred choice for shipping industry, marine & mining industries as well as pharmaceutical sector.

LED Strip Lights: Key Features

Stock up on Atex Global highest standard, certified LED Lights and get:

  • explosion proof luminaires available in a great range of lengths
  • choice of power: usually at 18 watt, 24 watt, 36 watt or 55 watt
  • dust and waterproof protection system
  • comprehensive choice of accessories for customised needs

Give our friendly team a call now or get in touch via web form here to tell us about your requirements for hazardous area lighting.

More details on Atex Global Fluorescent Lighting

Many industrial operations have a unique set of demands in order to fulfil a job that’s both complex and challenging. This is why Atex Global works very closely with industry leaders who must ensure safety in areas classified as hazardous due to presence of flammable vapours, liquids or dust. Some of our popular categories of ATEX certified LED luminaires include:

  • mobile LED working lamps (as displayed above)
  • hand LED lamps (as displayed above)

What’s more, you can also find a full array of IP Rated and Ex Rated LED Lights here:

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