Intrinsically Safe, Atex Certified Vacuum Cleaners

Atex Global Ltd supply a range of atex certified, pneumatic wet & dry vacuum cleaners suitable for potentially explosive dusts, fluids and atmospheres.

115A Atex Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet/dry vacuum cleaner with a single container system for suction and transportation of various liquids like oil, chemical spillage, mud, cooling liquids, and water, as well as metal chips, sand, and other granules.

140A Atex Vacuum Cleaner

Heavy duty stainless steel explosion proof vacuum cleaner is excellent for collection and recovery of hazardous and flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel, acetone and other organic fluids.

426A Powerfull Ex Vacuum Cleaner

comes equipped with a silo, a filter and a container. Special swivelling, lockable wheels are sized to increase mobility, and make the handling of heavy loads simple.

510A Atex Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

designed for the collection of large quantities of coarse particles, such as chips and granules as well as liquids and sludge. Trolley mounted container easily tips to discharge its content.

216A - Ex Vacuum Cleaner - Dry

High capacity heavy duty Ex Certified vacuum cleaner with single container system & absolute/HEPA filter for collection of very fine dust and granulated material.

AB105Ex - Atex Vacuum Cleaner

Atex Certified pneumatic vacuum cleaner for handling potentially explosive dusts on floors, walls, beam constructions etc. Superior suction to most portable electrical vacuums in the market.

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