CLP-MINI Atex Earthing Clamp
Cable Reel

Atex Global has added a new line of earthing clamps to its range. These are for use in electrical insulation.

Keeping operations safe from the dangers of static discharge relies heavily on the earthing clamp and its cabling. Therefore, under ATEX, static grounding clamps must meet specific criteria before they can be used in hazardous areas.

Atex earthing clamps are fully assessed for sources of stored energy. They are also assessed for their ability to cause a spark if the energy is released into a hazardous environment.

Additionally, the electrical resistance across the clamp (including contacts and clamp body) must not exceed 1 Ohm when attached to plant equipment.

The clamp must also pass separation force testing, minimum-clamping force testing and vibration testing at varying frequencies to guarantee positive and stable contact with plant equipment.

We only stock the safest earthing clamps. Take a look here:

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