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Stock up on ATEX Phones using Atex Global Ltd today. We supply a range of Atex Telephones for use within Ex areas, oil rigs, the petrochemical industry and any Ex hazardous areas.

Ex-Telephone FernTel IP Zone 2/22

This impact-resistant and shockproof polycarbonate telephone is approved for zone 2 / 22 according to ATEX. Due to its striking signal colour the FernTel IP cannot be missed; useful for whenever a telephone is urgently needed.

ExResistTel IP4 explosion proof VoIP-Telephone

Explosion-proof, weatherproof industrial VoIP telephone for use in potentially explosive areas (zone 1, 2, 21 and 22) With approved technology of FHF, the ExResistTel IP4 is suitable for all indoor and outdoor installations

ExResisTel - FHF11286101

FHF11286101 Atex approved Analogue Telephone for indoor and outdoor use in zone 1 and 21 Hazardous Area Applications

ExResistTel IP2 - FHF11286180

FHF11286180 Atex approved VoIP Telephone for indoor and outdoor use in zone 1 Hazardous Area Applications

ExResisTel MB - FHF11286121

FHF11286121 ExResisTel MB is based on the Ex-ResistTel FHF11286101 with the addition of 3 memory buttons that are programmable. Suitable for use in Zone 1, 2, 21, 22 Hazardous Area Applications.

Ferntel IP - VoIP Atex Telephone

VoIP desk/wall telephone for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres in Zone 2 and 22 Hazardous Areas.

FernTel 3 Atex Telephone

Analogue desk/wall telephone for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres in Zone 2, 22 Hazardous Areas.

Explosionproof Howl Call Telephone

Sound-powered telephone systems for use in rough conditions, including areas with explosive atmospheres and fire-damp.

Bartec Pixavi Impact X

The CSA Class 1, Zone 1, IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification has not compromised the quality and usability. The device is intrinsically safe and rated for use in hazardous Ex areas. The Impact X is a next generation wireless video communication technology from BARTEC PIXAVI.


Atex Telephones

As industry's leader in providing Atex Products for challenging work zones, we offer the most reliable explosion proof telephones systems on the market:

Our catalogue comprises a carefully selected range of intrinsically safe telephones to provide your business with effective communication system. Key features of our products include:

  • suitable to use in extreme temperatures ranging -25 °C to +60 °C*
  • certified for tough conditions such as environments with flammable dust & gases
  • user friendly menu structures
  • Ring tone volume of up to 95dB
  • LCD illuminated display screens & keypads
  • handsfree communication for VOIP IP

What are ATEX Phones?

Atex Phones are a type of an industrial use phone that is rated by an European Directive for explosive atmospheres. It defines the minimum requirements for health & safety of equipment used in hazardous working zones, for example where explosive gases or particles are present. A common name for Atex Certified Telephones is - intrinsically safe phones. Intrinsically safe phone means it has a built in, safe ignition protection system which will prevent the device from producing sparks or temperatures able to ignite explosive gases in the hazardous area.

Intrinsically safe and ATEX Certified Telephones find their essential application in very specific sectors:

  • oil & gas mining
  • marine & aviation industries
  • chemicals or pharmaceuticals manufacturing

If you are unsure as to what type of intrinsically safe communication system you need, don't hesitate to contact one of our helpful staff today. Simply drop your enquiry via our online form and we will be able to assist you promptly. - Contact Us Now


Find Smart, Analogue and IP ATEX Phones with various options to suit your specific safety requirements.

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