In a pioneering move in the history of the Olympics, the events and venues of the 24th Winter Olympics in 2022 in Beijing will be powered completely by clean energy.

It is generated in Zhangbei, rich in wind and solar power. Here, a new, large-scale, renewable energy base was put into operation officially in June 2020. The project cost some 12.5 billion Yuan (£1.7 billion).

It can deliver 14 billion kw/h of green power to Beijing each year, about 1/10th of Beijing’s consumption.

Adopting China’s original and world-leading new flexible DC technology, the Zhangbei Rouzhi Project effectively solves the safety problems of intermittent energy generation such as wind and photovoltaic. The characteristics are: strong controllability, fast power adjustment speed, and flexible operation mode.

It can suppress AC voltage fluctuations, and reduce their impact on the receiving end grid. Renewable energy is collected at multiple points to form a stable and controllable power source, to deliver green power to Beijing.

The project aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12.8 million tonnes.

Photo by Melanija Tacconi on Unsplash

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