Weatherproof Telephones

Our Weatherproof and vandal resistant telephones are designed for various industrial applications.

Ex-Telephone FernTel IP Zone 2/22

This impact-resistant and shockproof polycarbonate telephone is approved for zone 2 / 22 according to ATEX. Due to its striking signal colour the FernTel IP cannot be missed; useful for whenever a telephone is urgently needed.

ExResistTel IP4 explosion proof VoIP-Telephone

Explosion-proof, weatherproof industrial VoIP telephone for use in potentially explosive areas (zone 1, 2, 21 and 22) With approved technology of FHF, the ExResistTel IP4 is suitable for all indoor and outdoor installations

Weatherproof Telephone FernTel IP4

With FHF approved technology, the FernTel IP4 is suitable for outside installation. Itβ€˜s the ideal weatherproof VoIP desk/wall telephone for applications in potentially harsh and rough environments in many industrial applications -– no matter if exposed to seawater, high humidity or extensive mechanical strain.

ResistTel IP4 weatherproof VoIP - telephone

Crouse-Hinds series of IP telephone for indoor and outdoor use. With improved technology, the FHF ResistTel IP4 is a weatherproof VoIP telephone suitable for outdoor installation.

Weatherproof Telephone InduTel

Analogue Wall Telephone with protection door against harm and dirt.

Weatherproof Telephone FernTel 3 ZB

Emergency Phone for Emergency situations.

ResistTel Weatherproof Telephone - Analogue

ResistTel Weatherproof telephone is resistant to seawater as well as alkali, acids and lubricants.

FernTel 3 - Analogue, Weatherproof

Analogue desk/wall weatherproof telephone for indoor and outdoor use.

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