Atex Certified, Explosion Proof Cable glands & accessories

Explosion proof and Atex certified Conduit fittings & thread conversion equipment including adaptors, reducers, stopping plugs, breather drains and accessories for use in potentially explosive & hazardous area installations.

Atex Conduit Adaptors & Reducers

A Range of Atex Conduit Adaptors & Reducers designed for hazardous area installations use in Zone 1 and Zone 2. Swivel adaptors, T adaptors, Y adaptors, conduit unions and earth leads.

Atex Conduit Stopping Plugs

Conduit Stopping Plugs provide a method of blanking off unused entries in hazardous area approved equipment. Atex certified, intrinsically safe conduit stop plugs, dome plugs, type A and type B stop plugs and hexagonal stop plugs.

Atex Conduit Breather Drains

Redapt Atex Breather Drains effectively drain any water present within the enclosure, whilst allowing air in the enclosure to breath with the surrounding atmosphere, minimizing moisture build up within the enclosure.

Atex Conduit, Locknuts & Washers

A range of atex certified flexible conduit, locknuts and washers for use on installations in hazardous environments. Galvanised steel, helically wound, flexible conduit with smooth thermoplastic rubber cover, Locknuts are available in a variety of materials including brass, 316 stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and nylon.

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