Atex offer different types of Earthing Clamp. 

All of them are for use in electrical insulation. They are assessed for sources of stored energy, and their ability to cause a spark if the energy is released in hazardous areas. 

All SIL certified systems must be tested against electromagnetic disturbances.

Monitoring systems

The devices provide n.1 channel signal conditioning for earth connection of process equipment (IBC, drums, road tankers etc). 

The system detects in real time if the connection to earth is obtained with a resistance less or equal to 10Ω. 

The devices are equipped with DIN rail mounting system which can be installed in a safety area. 

Clamp with LED, or without

The clamps are part of the ECS range for process equipment connections to earth (IBC, drums, roadtankers etc). 

The steel contact allows connection from the process equipment to the electronic monitoring systems.

Mini Clamp / Mini Clamp for FIBC

These devices are part of the ECS small process equipment connection to earth. 

The carbonitrided steel contacts allow the penetration of any accumulations of material on the container’s surface, to detect in real time if the grounding connection is obtained with a resistance less or equal to 10Ω.

Mechanical Coding Clamp

This device is part of the ECS for earthing connections of production machinery (disperesers, grinding mills etc). 

The mechanical coding makes it unique in this field of application. It is able to detect if the connection to earth is obtained with a resistance to earth less or equal to 10Ω.

The device is equipped with n.2 LEDs (green and red) installed directly on board.

Atex Cable Reel

For industrial grounding system applications with extensible system applications with extensible cable up to 20m.  

The completely anti-static stainless steel construction makes it suitable for installation in zone 1/21.

Equipped with an angular speed recall damper to avoid exceeding the threshold of 1 m/s, as required by the directive.

The anti-static junction box for the earth circuit connection has protection degree IP65. 

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