Intrinsically Safe, Atex Equipment Hire UK

Atex Global Ltd are now offering for UK hire a range of products including, radios, cameras, phones, torches, multimeter and a range of tools for use in Ex hazardous areas that comply to the ATEX/IECEx directive.

Atex Camera Hire

We offer 2 atex certified cameras for hire in the UK,

CorDEX DIGITHERM is a 5mp Digital camera, Atex Certified EX II 2G / Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb, LED flash, realtime visual/thermal image blending, wireless connectivity

Gravity X is classified ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 & Zone 2. With full HD 1080p video and 8 Mp image capture, auto focus, the Gravity X is a very powerful camera for use in in hazardous areas and allows immediate upload to a network or computer.

Atex Radio Hire

We offer the following Atex Radios for hire in the UK.

TP9000Ex Thor
Atex certified, IP67 Waterproof, CTCSS, 5-TONE, CCIR, ZVEI, EEA & EIA, Man-down function, 16 Channels, PC programmable, 3000 mAh battery

The MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex Series combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. Man down, location tracking using the built-in GPS receiver.

Atex Phone Hire

We offer for UK Hire the BARTEC PIXAVI Impact X explosion proof smartphone.

The Bartec Impact X comes with the Sipido telepresence app, which allows the user to stream live CSA Class 1, Zone 1, IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 certification allows use in hazardous Ex areas.

The HD video to any location allowing video conferencing in the field. The Impact X has double the battery capacity of other smartphones

atex phone hire uk

Atex Torch Hire

A range of Atex certified torches for use in hazardous / explosive environments. Our UK Hire range includes flashlights, pen lights, angle torches and head torches all Atex certified and commonly used in the emergency services, mining, petrochemical and gas industries.

Please contact us for the full range of intrinsically safe, atex ceetifed torches for hire in the UK

atex torch hire

Atex Drill Hire

A robust pneumatic drill with pistolgrip with offset handle design for pressure into the drill-axis mainly used for horizontal applications.

For the optimum drilling of different materials – for the operation in the aviation- and automotive industry, as well as the machine building industry

Max Power – 450 / 500 W / .60/.67 hp
Operating Pressure – 6,3 bar / 90 psi
Speed – 600 / 850 min-1
Drill capacity Steel – 16 mm / .63 in
Drill capacity Aluminium – 23 mm / .91 in

Atex Tool Hire

We offer for UK hire 38pc engineers tool kit, atex certified hand tool kit for professional use in potentially explosive environments.

All tools are Non sparking and made from Berrylium Copper.
also, Atex Certified Socket Set for Hire!

atex tool hire

Atex Multimeter Hire

This ATEX Certified 50,000-count TRMS digital multimeter is designed for use in hazardous or explosive “gas” or “dust” environments, in compliance with the EN 50014, 50020 and 50281-1-1 standards.

It is equipped with a 500mA fuse and the patented SECURIX system to prevent accidental disconnection of the leads

ATEX 94/9/CEEN/IEC 60079-0

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