Intrinsically Safe, Ex Certified Beacons

Welcome to Atex beacon lights specialists. We offer offer a range of intrinsically safe beacons from leading manufacturers for use in explosive atmospheres where Atex certification is required.

We provide an extensive range of lights and work with industries with the requirement for extra safety as far as equipment is concerned. Types of ATEX beacon lights available:

See below for more information on high quality, explosion proof single unit LED beacons or complex beacon lighting solutions:

FHF Explosion Proof Beacons

The Funke Huster Fernsig (FHF) range of explosion proof beacons are designed for forwarning, information or signalling purposes in hazardous EX areas. These Atex Certified, explosion proof signal beacons are suitable for use in Ex zones 1, 2, 21, 22.

TWIN-EExII Type 5842/1 AMBER

The TWIN-EExll is specially designed for application in potentially explosive indoor or outdoor industrial areas. It offers two different operating modes that can be selected using the sliding switch

Explosion Proof Traffic Lights

Connection : To lampholder or terminals 2x
Installation : With stainless steel AISI 304 bracket
Hardware : Stainless steel AISI 304
Gaskets : +40°CEPDM, +60°C Silicon
Cable entry : N° 2 ø3/4″
Weight : 7,0 kg

Atex Traffic Lights

Connection : To lampholder or terminals 2x
Hardware : Stainless steel AISI 304
Gaskets : +40°CEPDM, +60°C Silicon 2,5mm
Cable entry : N° 1 ø3/4"
Power : Max LED30W
Voltage : 230V other voltages on request
Frequency : 50Hz ÷ 60Hz

Atex Traffic Lights / Signal Towers

Two sizes of enclosures 430mm (up to 4 lamps) and 470mm for 5 signal lamps. available with up to 2 cable glands or line bushings so you can easily connect more signal towers inline.

  • For Gas- and Dust Ex, Zone 1/2/21/22
  • Latest LED-Technique
  • Assembly with line bushing
  • Flexible assembling with lamp modules


Beacon lights we have in stock are Ex certified and regularly checked according to the ATEX directives for ensuring suitability for potentially explosive working areas. Other features include:

- robust signalling functionality

- latest LED technology 

- long lasting, sturdy yet practical design

- multi-colour LED lights' settings (Activeline GH5)

- combined with acoustic signalling (TWIN-EExII Type) and more


All beacons are carefully considered before we decide to list them on our website. Attention to detail such as material used is one of our criteria. LED Beacons are made from:

-  impact resistant polycarbonate plastics

- stainless steel for mounting brackets

- borosilicate glass tubes (signalling towers)

- seawater resistant aluminium 

Please see individual product specification sheet to learn more about materials used or send us your requirement directly via this contact form.

Beacons at Atex Global

Beacon Lights supplied via our website go through rigorous selection process to comply with harsh conditions industry standards. We ensure ATEX certifications for all beacon lighting products are up to date and fully compliant. Whether it's flashing beacons, traffic light towers or any other optical signalling device you are searching for, we can supply you with the equipment you can rely on. 

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