Kerman – ExProof Industrial Z2 product line

Kermann EX Industrial Z2

We are proud to stock these very high efficiency, explosion-proof LED lights for use in hazardous industrial areas.

Introducing the Kerman Industrial Z2 product line. Thanks to the high-quality design, the lifetime of the luminaire is very long. Over 50,000 hours. Therefore, the service costs are very low.

The luminaire can also be ordered with a dimmable driver.

Please be aware that the maximum number of lights connected to 1 circuit breaker. These may differ depending on the type of circuit breaker. Please consult the manufacturer of the circuit breaker for advice.

A universal ceiling mounting bracket is included with the luminaire for ease of installation. Other mounting accessories are available too. These include wall mounting, hanging or mounting on pipe bridges and lighting poles.

Please get in touch with us today to order yours.

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