Fire Protection for a New Oil Products Storage Facility in Ghana

In the port city of Tema in Ghana, sits the new Petroleum Products Storage and Distribution Terminal. A site of eight buildings covering 113,000 square metres. Naturally, the site requires the highest standard of fire protection.

Oil and gas facilities can be particularly challenging environments in which to specify safety systems. Volatile and hazardous materials are generally present. Also, there are higher than usual levels of particulates in the atmosphere such as dust and smoke. These can pose a challenge for accurate fire detection, creating a need for highly intelligent devices.

Any system installed here would need to allow facility managers to quickly identify hazards in order to take appropriate action. In total, 18 wall sounders and 45 photoelectric smoke sensors were installed across the site. The sensors have variable sensitivity levels, enabling managers to increase or decrease the sensor threshold to match the operating environment, and therefore avoid false alarms.

19 addressable weatherproof manual call points were also installed throughout the facility. These allow site occupants to manually sound the alarm, safeguarding against a system failure. These have been specially designed for, and used in, some of the most demanding locations in the world, such as oil platforms and marine environments.

Atex Global’s WeatherProof Electronic Sounders operate at up to 112 dB to meet your fire detection system needs.

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