Weatherproof Strobe Light Profi Flash

Strobe Light with modern and modular housing design.
Application: Indoors and Outdoors (IP54)
Housing: Plasic (ABS), white or grey
Flash energy: 5 Joule
Mounting: Wall or built up mounting selectable different lens colours

Following variants are available: 

FHF415101111Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,grey,Lens clear
FHF415101112Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,grey,Lens red
FHF415101113Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,grey,Lens amber
FHF415101114Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,grey,Lens green
FHF415101115Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,grey,Lens blue
FHF415101116Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,grey,Lens orange
FHF415102221Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,white,Lens clear
FHF415102222Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,white,Lens red
FHF415102223Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,white,Lens amber
FHF415102224Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,white,Lens green
FHF415102225Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,whit,Lens blue
FHF415102226Profi Flash,24VDC/5J ,white,Lens orange
FHF415201111Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,grey,Lens clear
FHF415201112Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,grey,Lens red
FHF415201113Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,grey,Lens amber
FHF415201114Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,grey,Lens green
FHF415201115Profi Flash,230VAC,5J, grey,Lens blue
FHF415201116Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,grey,Lens orange
FHF415202221Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,white,Lens clear
FHF415202222Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,white,Lens red
FHF415202223Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,white,Lens amber
FHF415202224Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,white,Lens green
FHF415202225Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,white,Lens blue
FHF415202226Profi Flash,230VAC/5J ,white,Lens orange
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