Weatherproof Strobe Light BLS

Robust Strobe Light with impact resistant plastic housing
Application: Indoors and outdoors (IP54)
Housing: Plastic (grau), lens made by Plexiglas
Flash energy: 5 Joule or 15 Joule Different lens colours

Following variants are available: 

FHF22415101Strobe Light BLS 30, 15-32VAC clear
FHF22415102Strobe Light BLS 30, 15-32VAC red
FHF22415103Strobe Light BLS 30, 15-32VAC amber
FHF22415104Strobe Light BLS 30, 15-32VAC green
FHF22415105Strobe Light BLS 30, 15-32VAC blue
FHF22415201Strobe Light BLS 30, 230VAC clear
FHF22415202Strobe Light BLS 30, 230VAC red
FHF22415203Strobe Light BLS 30, 230VAC amber
FHF22415204Strobe Light BLS 30, 230VAC green
FHF22415205Strobe Light BLS 30, 230VAC blue
FHF22415301Strobe Light BLS 40, 9-16VDC clear
FHF22415302Strobe Light BLS 40, 9-16VDC red
FHF22415303Strobe Light BLS 40, 9-16VDC amber
FHF22415304Strobe Light BLS 40, 9-16VDC green
FHF22415305Strobe Light BLS 40, 9-16VDC blue
FHF22415401Strobe Light BLS 40, 15-32VDC clear
FHF22415402Strobe Light BLS 40, 15-32VDC red
FHF22415403Strobe Light BLS 40, 15-32VDC amber
FHF22415404Strobe Light BLS 40, 15-32VDC green
FHF22415405Strobe Light BLS 40, 15-32VDC blue
FHF22415502Strobe Light BLS 40, 48VDC red
FHF22415503Strobe Light BLS 40, 48VDC amber
FHF22415505Strobe Light BLS 40, 48VDC blue
FHF22416201Strobe Light BLS 50, 230VAC clear
FHF22416202Strobe Light BLS 50, 230VAC red
FHF22416203Strobe Light BLS 50, 230VAC amber
FHF22416204Strobe Light BLS 50, 230VAC green
FHF22416205Strobe Light BLS 50, 230VAC blue
FHF22416401Strobe Light BLS 60, 24VDC clear
FHF22416402Strobe Light BLS 60, 24VDC red
FHF22416403Strobe Light BLS 60, 24VDC amber
FHF22416404Strobe Light BLS 60, 24VDC green
FHF22416405Strobe Light BLS 60, 24VDC blue
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