Weatherproof Strobe Light BLE 15

Weatherproof Strobe Light for industrial use  
Application: Indoors and Outdoors (IP66)  
Housing: Impact resistant plastic  
Housing colour: grey  
Mounting bracket made by stainless steel  
Flash energy: 15 Joule  
Flash frequency: 1 Hz  
Continuous operation  
Inserted pressure balance valve  
Temperature range: -40°C to +50°C  
Dimensions in mm: (W/H/D) 97/305/116

Following variants are available:

FHF23020701Flash light BLE15, 230VAC, 15J., clear
FHF23020702Flash light BLE15, 230VAC, 15J., red
FHF23020703Flash light BLE15, 230VAC, 15 J., amber
FHF23020704Flash light BLE15, 230VAC, 15J., green
FHF23020705Flash light BLE15, 230VAC, 15J., blue
FHF23021301Flash light BLE15, 24VDC, 15J., clear
FHF23021302Flash light BLE15, 24VDC, 15J., red
FHF23021303Flash light BLE15, 24VDC, 15J., amber
FHF23021304Flash light BLE15, 24VDC, 15J., green
FHF23021305Flash light BLE15, 24VDC, 15J., blue
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