ToughPIX EXTREME – Atex Camera


If your facility requires an intrinsically safe digital camera, then it stands to reason that your process is, at best, volatile. In such explosive areas, a
device must obviously be safe to use, but it must also maintain the security and integrity of your facility. Devices such as phones and tablets which are constantly connected to the internet raise serious security concerns as a result of their ability to transmit hard won intellectual property or potential security weaknesses directly from site with no restrictions. Downloadable,
insecure apps can also cause concerns due to third party malware damaging either your plant network infrastructure or potentially even causing catastrophic overloads within the device itself rendering it unsafe.
ToughPIX EXTREME protects your people and your facility by being both Intrinsically Safe and Intrinsically Secure. Your mission critical images
are captured and stored onto a removable SD card for download in the safe area, ToughPIX EXTREME can also create a secure wifi hotspot for image
transfer to a single nominated device. Running its in-house firmware protected by industry standard encryption technology, ToughPIX
EXTREME represents a truly secure “locked down” intrinsically secure digital camera that is virtually impervious to hacking. With intrinsic safety coupled with intrinsic security, ToughPIX EXTREME is the ultimate image capture tool for today’s security conscious hazardous
(explosive) area.


ToughPIX EXTREME is designed for harsh environments. It is impact resistant, drop proof, dust proof, corrosion proof and holds an Ingress
Protection (IP) rating IP54 to EN60529. Like its flameproof (Exd) predecessors, the ToughPIX EXTREME uses a tough, all aluminium case with reinforced glass screen making it worthy of the phrase ultra-rugged.
With a simple user interface comprising two buttons and a joystick, ToughPIX EXTREME does not rely on delicate touchscreens which can be
affected by gloves and dirt. The simple to navigate menu structure caters for either a fast “point and shoot” need or a more detailed adjustment of
camera parameters for that perfect image.


Why should your job wait for your tool to recharge? Answer; It should not, but when using devices with built in batteries that’s exactly what happens.
An intrinsically safe camera is an expensive tool representing a significant investment, do not let a camera with a fixed, built in battery increase the
time take to return your investment. ToughPIX EXTREME has a removable rechargeable battery pack which means that the camera will
keep running virtually without limits. Once the battery is depleted, simply insert a fresh pack and keep working letting the desktop charger provided
take care of recharging your spare.

ATEX marking II 2 G, Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb, Ta -10°C to +40°C
ATEX certificate ExVeritas 17 ATEX 0277 X
IECEx marking Ex ib op is IIC T4 Gb
IECEx certificate IECEX EXV 17.0013X
Ingress protection IP54
Battery type Removable, rechargeable (safe area)
Capacity 2000mAh
Chemistry Li-Ion
Resolution 5MP
Image type JPEG
Flash Ultrabright, Ex-supercapacitor charged LED
Focus Automatic
Exposure Automatic with ‘closeup’ mode
Movie capable YES
Resolution 1028×1024
Frame rate 5hz

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