Hytera PD795Ex – Atex Radio

The Hytera PD795Ex handheld atex radio complies with all the requirements of the European ATEX directives, IEC guidelines and the North American FM standard. Furthermore, the terminal meets the MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G standard and is dust-proof and waterproof in accordance with degree of protection IP67. The Hytera PD795Ex is encased in a plastic housing and sealed off from dangerous explosive gases and dust particles. The LCD screen cover is extremely scratch-resistant and tough.

GPSThe Hytera PD795Ex sends location info to dispatcher systems for geofencing, radio localization and GPS tracking.

Different digital and analog modesIn addition to conventional DMR radio (DMR Tier II) and analog radio, the PD795 Ex supports operation in DMR trunked radio (DMR Tier III), Simulcast and MPT 1327

Upgradeable softwareThe upgradeable software makes the use of new features possible. By altering the firmware-software, other digital and analog operating modes can be enabled, without the need for purchasing a new radio device.

  • Supports different operating modes; optional analog or digital operation
  • Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, broadcast call, emergency call
  • GPS functions (retrieving and sending location data)
  • Data services (text messages, group text messages, control of the radio via API)
  • Various analog dialing methods (HDC1200, DTMF, 2-tone and 5-tone dialing, squelch procedure?/?tone call CTCSS?/?CDCSS)
  • Supplementary services, radio check, remote monitor, call alert, radio disable/enable
  • Different menu languages available
  • One-touch functions (incl. text messages, voice calls and supplementary services)
  • Scanning
  • Automatic cell re-selection (roaming) in IP multi-site systems
  • Secure encryption with encryption algorithm ARC4 (40 bit) in accordance with DMRA or with optional algorithms AES128 and AES256 (128 and 256 bit)
Hytera PD795Ex
Frequency range
VHF: 136 – 174 MHz
UHF: 400 – 470 MHz
Channel capacity
Number of zones
64 (with up to 16 channels each)
Channel spacing (analog)
12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Channel spacing (digital)
12.5 kHz
Operating voltage
7.4 V (nominal)
Standard battery
1800 mAh (lithium-ion battery)
Battery service life (analog)
approx. 13 hours
Battery service life (digital)
approx. 15 hours
Frequency stability
±1.5 ppm
Antenna impedance
50 Ω
Dimensions (H × W × D)
141 x 55 x 39 mm
Weight (with antenna and standard battery)
495 g
LCD display
1,8 inches, 160 x 128 pixels, 65.535 colours
Supported operation modes
  • DMR Tier II (DMR conventional), Simulcast
  • XPT
  • DMR Tier III (DMR trunking)
  • Analog, MPT 1327
  • DMR Tier II in reference to ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3
    DMR Tier III in reference to ETSI TS 102 361-1/2/3/4

    ATEX Gas Protection: II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4

    ATEX Dust Protection: II 2 D Ex ib IIIC T120°C 

    ATEX Protection for Mining Application: I M2 Ex ib I

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