CLP-Mini – Atex Earthing Clamp

The device CP-MINI is part of the ECS small process equipment connection to earth.

Thanks to the carbonitrided steet contacts, this grounding clamp is able to penetrate any accumulations of material on the container’s surface to detect in real-time if the grounding connections is obtained with a resistance less or equal to 10 Ω,

Order code
CLPM: stainless steel clamp without LED on board.

Technical Features

Area of use: This Atex Earthing Clamp is suitable for use in Zone 1/21 (in connection with ECS monitoring systems)
MAterial: stainless steel AISI304
Working temperature: -20 °C to 50°C
Contact: double steel alloy tip with carbonitriding treatment
Standard cable: 2 wires with section 0.35 mm² ⌀ 5mm, Length 3m PVC insulating sheath.
Dimensions : 140 x 50 x 33mm ( L x H x D)

The CLP-MINI meets the requirements of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and ATEX Zone 1/21.

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Application Examples

Earthing monitoring system
made of:
CLPM: for the drum in which
the product is dosed
JBLD: for the earthig
monitoring visualizzation
ECS-R-DIN: installation in
safe area in connection with
field devices

Manual Dosage

Earthing monitoring system
made of:
ECS-RF: electronic
monitoring system Ex d
installation for ATEX Zone
CR20: ATEX cable reel with
a length of 20 m
IS1S: ISEO clamp without
LED on board

Road Tanker

Earthing monitoring system
made of two clamps
connected in electrical series:
CLPM: for the wheeled
pneumatic pump
IS1L: for the drum
ECS-RF: unique electronic
monitoring system
installed in ATEX Zone

automatic dosage

Earthing monitoring system made
up of :
IS1L: for the production
machinery connection to earth
HK01: clamp’s hook
ECS-RF-DIN: monitoring
electronic installed in Safe Area

Production Machinery
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