CLP-CODE – Atex Earthing Clamp

The CLP-CODE device is part of the ECS for earthing connections of production machinery (disperesers, grinding mills, etc). Thanks to the mechanical coding. which makes it unique in this field of application, this equipment is able to detec if the conneciton to earth is obtained with a resistance to earth less or equal 10Ω.

The device is equipped with n.2 LEDs (green and red) installed directly on board.

Order code.
CLCD: mechanical coding clamp with LEDs on board.

Technical Characterists

  • Area of use: up to ATEX Zone 1/21
  • Material: stainless steel AIS1304
  • Contact: double steel alloy tip with carbonitriding treatment
  • Working temperature: -20 °C to 50°C
  • Standard cable: spiral cable. 5/10 m long, wire section 0.5 mm² ⌀ 8mm
  • Dimensions: 83 x 64 mm (L x ⌀)

The CLP-CODE meets the requirements of the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and ATEX Zone 1/21.

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