What are the advantages of using quick connectors for multi-channel fibre in explosive atmospheres?

Across all industrial sectors, automation is expanding. Therefore, so is the demand for multi-channel fibre optic cable, which is high-count and high-bandwidth and able to deliver an ever-increasing amount of data in a single cable.

Installing pre-terminated, plug-and-play connectors that meet international standards has a considerable advantage to the oil and gas sector.

In environments such as offshore oil and gas platforms, space limitations restrict the installation and maintenance of extensive runs of low-count fibre. Fibre technicians must be helicoptered in for service or replacements at great cost and time.

Land-based rigs used in exploration are moved around, with frequent teardown and setups. So the ability to change and reconfigure cables quickly and easily saves time and money, and avoids prolonged service downtime.

High-speed multi-channel fibre optic cable also monitors equipment status and notifies when components are in danger of failing. This creates further significant cost savings by avoiding extended downtime.

Each receptacle can be mounted within an increased safety or flameproof enclosure allowing for multiple and easy connections and disconnections.

Cable connectors are traditionally a major area of risk in explosive atmospheres. Using ATEX or IECEx certified connectors can reduce time to market by speeding up the certification process.

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