Weatherproof Sounder-Strobe light-Combination AXL04

  • Sounder-Strobe-Combination with different signal tones 
  • Application: Indoors and Outdoors (IP66) Alarm- and Fire alarm systems 
  • Housing: Impact resistant ABS 
  • Sounder approx. 105 dB(A) 
  • Strobe 2 Joule 
  • 32 different tones

Following variants are available: 

FHF22510701100Sounder/Strobe Comb.AXL04 115/230VAC cl.
FHF22510702100Sounder/Strobe Comb.AXL04 115/230VAC red
FHF22510703100Sounder/Strobe Comb.AXL04 115/230 VAC am
FHF22510705100Sounder/Strobe Comb.AXL04 115/230VAC bl.
FHF22511301100Sounder-Strobe-Comb. AXL04 9-60VDC cl.
FHF22511302100Sounder/Strobe Comb. AXL04 6-90VDC red
FHF22511303100Sounder/Strobe Comb. AXL04 9-60VDC amber
FHF22511305100Sounder/Strobe Comb. AXL04 9-60VDC blue
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