Weatherproof Mini Hooter with Strobe Light HPLB

Mini hooter with strobe light as an optical and acoustical signal combination.

  • High volume signalling hooter with approx. 92dB(A)
  • Strobe Light: Xenon 1 Joule Application: dry and damp rooms (IP43)
  • Housing: impact resistant Thermoplastic (ABS)
  • Small and space saving construction
  • Different lens colours
  • AC and DC versions available

Following variants are available: 

Part.-No. Description
FHF21221807 Hooter w. strobe light HPLB 230VAC red
FHF21221813 Hooter w. strobe light HPLB 24 VDC red
FHF21221907 Hooter w.strobe light HPLB 230VAC orange
FHF21221913 Hooter w. strobelight HPLB 24 VDC orange
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