Weatherproof Signalling Hooter HGW11

High volume signalling hooter with approx. 108 dB(A) Application: dry and damp rooms or outdoors (IP56) Housing: Seawater resistant Aluminium Electro-mechanical Hooter System With trumpet AC and DC versions available, Special version with integrated telephone call relay.

FHF21266501Hooter HGW11 6VAC
FHF21266502Hooter HGW11 12VAC
FHF21266503Hooter HGW11 24VAC
FHF21266504Hooter HGW11 42VAC
FHF21266505Hooter HGW11 60VAC
FHF21266506Hooter HGW11 110VAC
FHF21266507Hooter HGW11 230VAC
FHF21266511Hooter HGW11 6VDC
FHF21266512Hooter HGW11 12VDC
FHF21266513Hooter HGW11 24VDC
FHF21266514Hooter HGW11 48VDC
FHF21266515Hooter HGW11 60VDC
FHF21266516Hooter HGW11 110VDC
FHF21266517Hooter HGW11 220VDC
FHF21266606Hooter HGW11 120VAC 60Hz
FHF21266607Hooter HGW11 240VAC 60Hz
FHF21266707Hooter HGWR11 230VAC w. call relay
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