Weatherproof Motor Sirens F0, FI, FI,I FIII

  • Motor driven Sirens in different sizes and volumes 
  • Application: Indoors and Outdoors IP44 (with protection cover) 
  • Housing: Aluminium 
  • Typical unique siren sound 
  • Volume, depending on version, between 110 dB(A) up to 123 dB(A) 
  • Protection covers available as accessories
FHF2149036010Motor-Siren FO 110 VAC/VDC
FHF2149037010Motor-Siren FO 230V AC/DC
FHF2149123010Motor- Siren FI 24 VAC/VDC
FHF2149237010Motor-Siren FII 230 V AC/DC
FHF2149337010Motor- Siren FIIa 230 VAC/VDC
FHF2149548010Motor- Siren FIIIb 400 AC3~
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