Weatherproof Signalling Bell AW

Signalling Bell with up to approx. 110 dB(A) (depending on dome size) Application: Indoors and Outdoors, IP55 Housing: Seawater resistant Aluminium, Dome steel (powder-coated) Different Dome Sizes: 105 mm, 150 mm, 250 mm as a flat dome or tower dome made by brass AC and DC versions available Available as: Fast stroke, single stroke or slow stroke bell.

FHF21162007Bell AW1 230VAC 105 mm dome
FHF21162013Bell AW2 24VDC 105 mm dome
FHF21162017Bell AW2 220VDC 105 mm dome
FHF21162102Bell AW1 12VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162103Bell AW1 24VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162104Bell AW1 42VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162105Bell AW1 60VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162106Bell AW1 110VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162107Bell AW1 230VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162111Bell AW2 6VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162112Bell AW2 12VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162113Bell AW2 24VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162114Bell AW2 48VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162115Bell AW2 60VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162116Bell AW2 110VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162117Bell AW2 220VDC 150 mm dome
FHF21162126Bell AW1 120VAC 60Hz 150 mm dome
FHF21162127Bell AW1 240VAC 60Hz 150 mm dome
FHF21162207Bell AW 3 230VAC 150 mm dome
FHF21162213Bell AW 4 24VDC 150 mm dome
FHF2116221601Bell AW4 110VDC 105 mm dome
FHF21162302Bell AW1 12VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162303Bell AW1 24VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162304Bell AW1 42VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162305Bell AW1 60VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162306Bell AW1 110VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162307Bell AW1 230VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162311Signalling bell AW 2 6 VDC 250 FS
FHF21162312Bell AW2 12VDC 250 mm dome
FHF21162313Bell AW2 24VDC 250 mm dome
FHF21162314Bell AW2 48VDC 250 mm dome
FHF21162315Bell AW2 60VDC 250 mm dome
FHF21162316Bell AW2 110VDC 250 mm dome
FHF21162317Bell AW2 220VDC 250 mm dome
FHF21162326Bell AW1 120VAC 60Hz 250 mm dome
FHF21162327Bell AW1 240VAC 60Hz 250 mm dome
FHF21162407Bell AW3 230VAC 250 mm dome
FHF21162413Bell AW4 24VDC 250 mm dome
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