ECHO-8 Through ECHO-48 Central Control Digital Intercom and Communication System

  • Up to 9072 field stations
  • Addressable intercom control with auto conference
  • Public address, general alarm and intercom
  • PBX and radio interface
  • Safe area location, hazardous area and weatherproof stations
  • Supervised fault diagnostics
  • Fiber optic ready
  • Field programmable
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • Alarm functions
  • Networkable and expandable
  • IP enabled
  • Windows® based configuration
  • Ambient noise monitoring / volume tracking

ECHO Digital intercom and communication systems provide addressable intercom, public address, general alarm, paging and telecommunication capabilities. A single ECHO system can provide the same level of safety, coverage and reliability normally achieved with multiple systems. 

ECHO interfaces simply with a variety of third-party equipment, including fire and gas detection systems, auxiliary security systems and signals, PA/GA systems, two-way radios and telephone PBX. ECHO accepts multiple input sources for tones, pre-recorded voice messages, and background music. ECHO enables you to integrate all of your critical life safety, evacuation and communication systems.

Installation and commissioning is easy and cost effective. Off the shelf, two-conductor cable provides power, communication and control with a range of up to 1.2 miles (2km). Systems can be commissioned and customized quickly in the field or remotely with pushbutton menu selections or a point-and-click software interface. Spare parts are standardized and minimal.

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