CZ0253 Full plastic Explosion-proof pluge and sockets 64A 4P

Product Details:
Ex mark:Ex Ⅱ2GD Ex de ⅡC T6 Gb Ex tD A21 T80℃ Ta≤40℃ Ex Ⅱ2GD Ex de ⅡC T5 Gb Ex tD A21 T95℃ Ta≤55℃
Intended use:Can be used in zone 1 ,zone 2,zone21,zone22
Ambient temperature:-40℃≤ Ta≤ 55℃
Degree of protection:IP66
Rated voltage:Up to 690V
Rated current:Maximum 63A
Switch capacity:AC3 up to 690V/63
Cable entry:Wall type socket 1×M50 Φ22-35mm Cable outside diamet Φ15-35mm
Weight:Wall type socket:8.1kg

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