CZ0513 Explosion-proof load isolation switch module

Product Details:
Ex mark:Ex Ⅱ2G Ex de Ⅱ C Gb
Intended use:Can be used in zone 1 ,zone 2,zone21,zone22
Ambient temperature use:-40℃≤Ta≤65℃
On-offcapacityofswitch: AC 3 230V 400V 500V 690V 25A 25A 20A 16A 40A 40A 40A 32A 80A 80A 80A 63A 180A 180A 150A 125A
Cross section of terminal:25A:2x 1.5~4m㎡;40A:2x10m㎡;80A:2x 16~25m㎡;180A:2x 50~95m㎡
Material of enclosure:Unsaturated resin
Meet the standard:IEC60079 EN60079

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