500A Ex Wet/Dry vacuum Cleaner

flammable dust, swarf & liquid extraction

Single container system, designed for the collection of coarse particles, such as swarf and granulates as well as liquids and sludge.

The container collects and holds a large volume of material. The unit is supplied with a bottom drain valve for quick and simple discharge of liquids.The filter system is a polyester filter bag.

To prevent overfilling of liquids the container is equipped with a float ball that stops the suction when the container is full.

ATEX Certified: EX II 2 GD c IIB 60°C (T6).

• High material collection capacity.
• Easy handling.
• Float ball prevents overfilling of liquids.
• ATEX approved.

Model 500A Ex
Extractor top (article number) NE52
Compressed air consumption, 3 Nm³/min
Air Pressure, 7 bar
Capacity freeblowing, 342 m³/h (201cfm)
Max. vacuum, kPa -52 (-7.54psi)
Filter area 0.59 m2
Filter cleaning method Manual
Noise level, dB(A) 75.5
Collection bin volume, 160L
Weight, 75kg
Hose Ø, 51mm / Length, 7.5m
Cleaning system model 42932100
LxWxH 1200x800x1600mm

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