The new, luminous intensive ATEX LED hand lamp KE-LED-EX 5024 supports you with extremely bright and glare-free light when working in explosion-protected areas. The 24 POWER LED modules combined with an integrated diffuser film ensure this. The slim design, the light weight (approx. 2.2 kg) and the comfortable neoprene handle make it possible to use the light as a classic hand lamp and inspection lamp.

  • Illuminant: 24 POWER LED / 6500K
  • Protection tube: polycarbonate, shock-resistant, 50 mm Ø
  • Handle / end cap: neoprene, black
  • Metal hook: yes, plastified
  • Protection category: IP68 – 50m/5h (dust- and waterproof)
  • Protection class: II / III
  • Cable: 10 m H07RN-F 2 x 1,00 mm²
  • Voltage: 230V / 110V / 24V
  • Special requests  – as covered by our Ex-certification –  can be fulfilled
  • KIRA explosion proof LED hand lamps (leadlamps) for safe use in the areas: Sewage treatment plants, sewer inspection, electricity providers, mills, biogas plants, gas stations, tank automotive, aerospace industry, aircraft maintenance & inspection, oil rigs, offshore, shipyards, THW, EX-zones, explosive dust and gas atmospheres, gas interference, crafts, food industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry.

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