Vertical Grinder with Lever Control

Due to its design, our vertical grinder is characterized by a powerful direct drive of the grinding wheel.

Grinding wheels up to 230 mm diameter can be applied.

Order No.mmrpmkWmmm³/mindB(A)m/s²mmkg
1 1834 001012512,2001.222.21.2594.8<2.513R1/2″male2.56
1 1840 00101808,5001.022.21.2595.3<2.513R1/2″male2.90
1 2034 00101808,5002.722.22.6089.6<2.515R3/4″male4.40
1 2040 00102306,5002.322.22.3098.3<2.515R3/4″male4.70
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