Pin punch

Atex Certified Pin punch sold at discount prices.

All safety tools are made from specially developed alloys; each with ideal characteristics selected for a specific tool or product range. The superior mechanical properties of the alloys, approaching those of high-grade steel, the use of DIN standards for design and rigorous control of the manufacturing process ensure the quality of all our products. All Tools are supplied unpainted and without aesthetic finishes to highlight the integrity of a tool free from porosities or other imperfections.

Part-No. Part number
G Weight in grams
L Length
D Width
A Width
HE0050A 40 130 10 3
HE0051A 120 150 14 6
HE0052A 160 180 14 10
HE0053A 290 200 18 13
HE0054A 655 300 20 16
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