Ledlenser – iSEO5R

In tight and dark spaces it’s best to keep your hands free and pack light. The compact Ledlenser iSEO5R is therefore
perfect for anyone who won’t be stopped by places such as elevator shafts, tunnels or sewers. Smart Light Technology
for optimal light conditions, the light weight, which makes it comfortable to carry, and accessories like reflective head
strap make this rechargeable headlamp the perfect tool for less-than-perfect places.

  • Can also be used with batteries – Standard AAA batteries can be used, if the lithium-ion battery pack is drained
  • despite its run time of 20 hours.
  • Lightweight – only 93 grams with battery pack.
  • Glare-free red LED – perfect for reading documents at night
  • Light will not switch on accidentally – Transportation lock
  • Perfect for work – helmet clip included
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