KA 1644 – Atex Food & Pharma Sensor

Model G 1/2″

For level control of liquids, bulk material or pastes, ideal for level control in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

  • Housing Material: PEEK
  • Adjustment of the sensitivity with ETW- Function (Easy Teach by wire)
  • Welding sockets and Varivent adapter available for EHEDG mounting
  • Usable for an ambient temperature up to 100 °C
Level Sensor, in contact with product Medium dependent adjustable
Operating distance min / max adjustable 1…10mm
Electrical version 3-pin DC
Output function Normally open
Type PNP KAS-80-A23-S-G1/2-PEEK-100C-Y3-ETW-NL
Part No KA1644
Operating voltage 12…30 V DC
Voltage drop max < 2.0 V
Permitted residual ripple max 5 %
Operating current 0….200 mA
No-load current Typ. 15 mA
Freq of operating 50 Hz
Permitted ambient temp -25…+100°C / CIP 121 °C
LED Display Yellow
Protective circuit Built-In
Degree of protection IEC 60529 IP 67
Norm EN 60947-5-2
Connection Flange connector M 12 x 1 (A-coded)
Housing Material PEEK (FDA21 CFR 177 2415)
Active surface PEEK (FDA21 CFR 177 2415)
Accessories Varivent adapter , welding socket and connectors.
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