F20 Full plastic Explosion-proof Terminal Boxes

Product Details:
Ex mark:Ex Ⅱ 2GD Ex e ⅡC T6/T5 Gb
Ex tD A21 T80℃/T95℃ (For non_intrinsic safety circuit) Ex Ⅱ 2GD Ex ia/ib ⅡA /ⅡB/ ⅡC T6/T5 Ga/Gb Ex tD A20 T80℃/T95℃ (For intrinsic safety circuit)
Intended use:Can be used in zone 0,zone 1 and zone 2,Can be used in zone20,zone 21 and zone 22
Degree of protection:IP65
Rated voltage/current:Max 1100V
Rated corrent:Max 400A
Ambient temperature:-40℃≤Ta≤40℃/55℃
Meet the standard:IEC60079 EN60079

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