ExProof Linear X product line

The X product line is equipped with LED light source. Thanks to the high quality design, the lifetime of the luminaire is very long, more than 50,000 hrs. The service costs are extremely low. The luminaire can be ordered with DALI interface. A universal mounting bracket is included with the luminaire, which enables easy mounting on ceiling. There are also different available mounting accessories too, which permit of wall mounting, hanging or mounting on pipe bridges, lighting poles.

TypeIICTypeEx ZoneEx protection modeGas/Dust groupPower consumptionfluxclassWeight
Linear X3 Z1Z1eb/mbIIC25W3450lm**T65.2kg
Linear X6 Z1Z1eb/mbIIC50W6900lm**T67.6kg
Linear X8 Z1Z1eb/mbIIC65W9200lm**T610.85kg
Linear X3 Z21Z21tbIIIC25W3450lm**T85° C5.2kg
Linear X6 Z21Z21tbIIIC50W6900lm**T85° C7.6kg
Linear X8 Z21Z21tbIIIC65W9200lm**T85° C10.85kg
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