CZ0551 Full plastic Explosion-proof Combined power socket boxes

Product Details:
Ex mark:I=16A:Ex de ⅡC T6(Ta≤+40℃)/T5(Ta≤+55℃)Gb DIP A21 TA,T6(Ta≤+40℃)/T5(Ta≤+55℃) I=32A:Ex de ⅡC T4(Ta≤+55℃)Gb DIP A21 TA,T4(Ta≤+55℃)
Intended use:Can be used in zone 1 ,zone 2,zone21,zone22
Ambient temperature:-40℃≤Ta≤55℃
Degree of protection:IP65
Rated voltage:400V(maximum voltage for circuit breaker) 690V(maximum voltage for plug and socket)
Material of enclosure:Anti-static glass fibre reinforced polyester(SMC)

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