Atex Enclosures for Computers

Atex Certiified Computer Enclosure for Zones 2/22 or 1/21 available in different sizes and designs wether it be an ‘All-in-one’ PC or a normal PC + a TFT screen. A range of keyboards are available with mouse pad or trackball. Mounting options include a support arm or pedestal.

Available with upto 3 data connections from the outside into the cabinet. To minimize the air consumption a valve module with a pressure-controlled leakage compensation is used. The system works without purging, and is thus ready for use once no gas is detected. The elimination of flushing time and pressurized air used for flushing makes the operation very economical.

  • No flushing time and no flushing prsssurized air
  • For all ex zones (except zone 0)
  • Economic operation (pressurized air only for 6-10mbar overpressure)
  • Customized enclosure variations possible
  • Display up to 24“, stainless steel keyboard integrated
  • se of standard PC +TFT or as Remote HMI (non Ex-devices)
  • No flushing necessary
  • Approved Ex e enclosure
  • Economic operation
  • Customized enclosure variations possible
  • Stainless steel keyboard integrated
  • Use of standard non Ex PC or TFT

Dimension (mm): Variable
Material: stainless steel V2A; 304L
Ingress protection: IP65
Voltage: AC 230 V
Temp. range: -20°C bis +60°C

– Pedestal
– Support arm
– Variable enclosure dimensions
– Stationary gas detector
– All Variants are available up to 24“

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