A-0301 – Cutting solution

Our Cutting Solution is Safety Tools Allmet cold cutting solution – Hot Work Permit not required.

This kit contains one Ex Air Tool and cold Cutting Disc. Also, unique to our Cutting Solutions a Water Control Box is used to regulate the flow of water and air to optimize safe performance.  It will help avoid delays and shutdowns. It has also helped get our clients out of shutdown situations and backup running faster. Our Cutting Solution is Ex certified as safe to use in Ex gas zones 1 & 2 and dust zones 21 & 22. It is used around the globe.

Water Control Box Included
The water cools and lubricates our Cutting & Weld Removal Solutions to a T4 rating. The purpose of the control unit is to regulate the flow of air and water.
Water in min – 4 Bar
Water out – 1,6 – 3,0 Bar
Weight – 17kg
Dimensions – 27X25X32cm
Water Consumption – 1.5 liter pr 10 min.
Temp Marking – T4
Water inlet – 1/4″ NPT
Air inlet – 1/4″NPT
Included in kit
Angle 1000 – 5
Speed – 1000rpm
Weight – 2400g
Length – 377mm
Max Air Cons – 0,50 m3/min
Temperature Marking – T3
Air inlet – 1/4″ NPT
A-0502 Cutting Disc
Water Control box
A-0207 Allen key – 6mm
A-0206 Chuck Key
A-0073 Cutting Guard
A-0086 STA Cutting & Weldseam Pelicase
A-0071 Armoured Hose
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