A-0055 – Ship Owners Solution

Our Ship Owner solution was developed for general corrosion removal maintenance and surface preparation for ships. This solution will help you stay ahead of the maintenance schedule on board and avoid major costs with unplanned land lying.

This product contains

  • A-0105 Angle 1000 – 5
  • A-0107 Straight 3000
  • A-0003 Straight Cone
  • A-0004 Little Papa
  • A-0005 Round Boy
  • A-0500 Grinding Disk for Paint – GDP
  • A-0207 Allen key – 6mm
  • A-0200 Spanner – 10mm
  • A-0203 Spanner – 17mm
  • A-0061 Handle for straight grinder
  • A-0065 Covering for Fuji FCD10X52
  • A-0085 STA Grinding pelicase
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