A-0048 – Coating Maintenance Solution Eco

Our Surface Protection Solution was developed for surface protection companies as an optimal system for removing paint from steel and a producing a surface profile ready to paint – with strong adhesion levels.

Technical data
  • Size: 41x32x17cm
  • Weight: 7kg

This product contains

  • A-0107 Straight 3000
  • A-0108 Angle 2000 – 8
  • A-0003 Straight Cone 
  • A-0004 Little Papa
  • A-0005 Round Boy
  • A-0010 Rough Boy
  • A-0060RB Handle for rough boy
  • A-0200 Spanner – 10mm
  • A-0205 Mandrel for FAS-1X-50
  • A-0202 Spanner – 16mm
  • A-0207 Allen key – 6mm
  • A-0082 STA Rough boy pelicase
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